Boom In Bloom EP

by Chaos Control

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Following hot on the heels of their full-length ambient album “Elemental Alchemy”, their remix of Knowa KnowOne and their first original dubstep EP “Oscillator Opera”, Planewalker and Mister Chill’R bring you “Boom In Bloom”, a completely unique take on bass music. “Boom In Bloom” is the dangerous duo’s latest soulful blend of dubbed-out backbeats and chakra-shaking, wave-morphing bass topped with sweet, pristine classical orchestration and a subtle shake of squelchy synthesizer psychedelia. It’s a beautiful blossom of bloomin’ beats! It’s a bunch of beastly bangers, bringing you to bounce your booty! It’s better than billions of bubbles!

The EP begins with the enchanting forest woodwinds of “Cardioid Catalyst”, which are joined by a seventy-piece string ensemble before being invaded by a punchy synthetic kick drum, syncopated hi-hats and snares, and an aggressive air-ripping bass infusion that blasts off into otherworldly glimmering synthesizer arpeggios. A decidedly daring and devilish demonstration of sound design, the next track “Sentient Silicon” betrays Planewalker’s lascivious love affair with low frequencies and LFOs, oscillating its way to pure . At the half-way mark, the music takes a jazzy, mysterious turn into minor scales and moody melodies with “Spring Saraband”, whose electric pianos, viola ensemble and plucked cello get crunched to bits by a five-headed, ten-story-high bass-a-saurus that threatens to put psytrance on the decks! Fortunately, the monster falls dead before it can accomplish it’s goal, and the elves of the forest can be heard celebrating in relief as the credits roll with “Boom In Bloom”, the EP’s cinematic namesake.

As you sit back and take in what it means for wild wobble-flowers to break through the concrete, the orchestra plays while Mister Chill’R plucks single notes out high on his piano in the trees, and the haunting voice of the elf queen carries you away into your new life under the sun, revived and alive once again!


released June 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Chaos Control

As pioneers of the sacred bass movement with their debut downtempo album "Instrumental Alchemy" in 2010, Chaos Control is the collaborative creative effort of Planewalker and Mister Chill'R. The music ranges in tempo and energy from uber-chilled downtempo to smooth drum 'n' bass, with plenty of psy-step and glitch-hop thrown in for good measure, blending acoustic and electronic elements. ... more

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